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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
x` 1:34 AM -

by Poetic Wanderer

There is a feeling deep inside that i cannot hide
I tried to hide it for i know it is not right
Hiding it only made it stronger
For now i cannot control it
And this love has gone deeper

Each day I say i cannot go on
For this feeling has taken over control
I try to live my life like normal
But it seems it wants to live with you by my side

I can only wish this dream can come true
So i can show you what you are missing out on
But sad to say, not all dreams do come true
I have to live by this everyday
That it will be impossible for it to come true
And that there will never be a me and you

Maybe someday my crazy wish will happen
Until then all I can do is pray and hope
That a miracle will come
And take me out of this pain
Only then i will believe
That miracles can happen.

Poetic Wanderer


Tuesday, July 10, 2007
x` 11:26 PM -

by Seph

Would you care if i tell you i love you?
WIll you run away just like everone else?
WIll you change the way you act towards me?
These questions i always ask myself
But the biggest question i have in my mind
Will you give me a chance to make you happy?

Ever since i met you
My world has turned upside down
Within an instance, you gave me
A Reason to live
A Reason to believe
But the most important reason is
A Reason to breathe.

I Never believe in myself
That i will fall for someone like you
I only see you as a friend
But now all these changed
when i got to know you.

I never have the guts to tell you
Afraid of how you will react
I tried to pull away
But the more i pull away,
The more i get sucked in
Sucked into this pit of feeling
They call love.

Now i'm ready to show you
What i feel for you.
Give me a chance
I will prove it to you
Maybe then i can get out of this pit
And live my life the way it is intended to be
That is to make you happy.

Until then, my heart will ache
Until this pit take my life
And find my own eternal slumber
Maybe then all my questions will be answered.



Saturday, June 23, 2007
x` 12:39 AM -

by: Seph

I want to dream about you
But then again if i dream
and thinking that you are mine
It will only be short
Because when i wake up
It's back to reality
Knowing that i cant have you

I want to dream about you
Because in my dream i can do anything
Everything i want to show you
Every feeling i have for you
But sad to say it is all just a dream

Maybe someday this dream will come true
Someday, when i get the guts to tell you
What i really feel for you
I'm hoping that a sign will come
Until then, all i can do is dream
Because all my dreams are starting to fade
And i don't want the same thing to happen to you



Tuesday, June 27, 2006
x` 11:36 AM -

Guardian Angel

Close your eyes & make a wish
Angels will be there to blow you a kiss
They will guide your way & make your dreams come true
just like they did to mine when i asked for you
Wishes that seems so surreal
But somehow it all became real

Everyone is destined with a guardian angel
An angel that will save them from harm
The ones who will look for what is best for you
The ones that will make you feel all bubbly inside too

I was blinded by reality
ALways believing that Guardian angels dont exist
but i have prove all the critics wrong
because my guardian angel exist
and living inside my soul

I know I am blessed..
because unlike everyone else,
they cannot see their guardian angel
but i have found my angel to be true
and she is the reason why i can soothe my worries away

My angel is no illusion
but a mere mortal who is hiding in disguise
the guardian angel that will protect
my meek and weary little heart
from anyone who would bring harm
and may want to kill my soul
i speak of this angel,
because that YOU....



Saturday, June 17, 2006
x` 11:20 PM -

drowned by fear

i think of you and all i see
is a blurry picture of me

holding a sharp and shiny knife
afraid of loving, afraid of life

my love was strong but yet i'm here
running towards the end,
chased by my fear

walking towards the edge of a cliff
sick of running, sick of this

i remember your smile,
and your laughter
but there is no return as i jump in the water

i think of you and i want to stay
but my fear is pushing me away

fighting, trying,
but can't break it down
need to escape it,
before i drown

although my fear holds me tight
i won't give up without a fight

screaming, kicking
to get loose
but my fear is stronger,
and i lose

i love you!
yeah, now it's said
the end is near
but i'm not afaid

cause as i'm running out of air,
i can almost see you here...

you will always be in my heart
even tho now we'll be two worlds apart


x` 11:09 PM -

The Dirt Over Me

who would cheer who would cry
who would care if i happen to die

what will they do when they find me dead
with a pistol in my hand and a shot to the head

is that the best way to end the pain
just not going on with another day

should i finish it now just get it over with
walk in front of a car when it's floored in fifth

if i wasn't a chicken i wouldn't be here today
but because i'm a coward i'm here to stay

so painfully i have to wait to see
when they box me up and throw the dirt over me


Wednesday, March 29, 2006
x` 8:31 PM -

by seph

Reminiscing the memories we share
The days when i thought that you really care
Now my heart is in despair
And left a pain it cannot bear
A pain that was caused
By a mere illusion i call love

Thinking that we shared a special bond together
I was deceived by my own feelings
And now i am aching
Believing you feel the same way
As the way i do for you

Now all these memories are mere illusions
Illusions that i must let go
It is killing me inside
But i got no choice but to let you go

Maybe someday your love to me will come true
But until that day comes
I will be waiting
When your love to me
will no longer be an illusion
But a dream come true....



Monday, March 06, 2006
x` 11:16 AM -

I Miss You So Much
By: Cynthia Cotten

Sometimes, two people find
that no matter how close they are
and how much they love each other
life's road takes them in different directions
When the day comes that we are together again
I know that it will be as if all this
time and distance never existed

Until then you are in my thoughts
and in my heart..with everyday that goes by

for u my luv


The Man Behind the Mask`

-Joseph"Soul Assassin" Herpacio -

- 21 Male California/Pinas -

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